Photography By Chris Miele


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RUMORS: Have you heard?

Before I stepped foot in Detroit all I heard were rumors.  Positive, negative, and ugly, everyone chimed in.  For a place I 'd never been, I had plenty of people painting me pictures of what I might encounter.  Rebirth, decay, hipsters, Dan Gilbert, more decay, race, artists, did I mention the rubble?  With so many ideas being pumped into my head I decided to ignore it all.  And I did, for months.  After several visits I finally settled in, explored the city, and listened to what the surroundings were telling me.  The sprawling Mid-Western metropolis is complex, historic, and polarizing.  Never had I seen, let alone photographed, anything like it.  It quickly became apparent how important the forthcoming stories were going to be.  Thousands of miles from familiar Pacific beaches and Sierra sunsets, I was about to photograph a land as foreign as any I'd ever visited.   Over the next year I will be spending more and more time in the Motor City telling different, timely, hopefully vital stories.  Creating images beyond the "rubble porn" that put a spotlight on how miserable a city can look after those who vowed to care for it failed.  RUMORS is about challenging what you have heard, been told, or have even seen for yourself. 

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