Photography By Chris Miele


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A Horse Of Course

While visiting Truckee earlier this month, I I had the opportunity to tag along with a friend and experience a little bit of what horse ownership is like.  For the last year Nina Pivirotto has re-committed to one of her early loves, owning and caring for a horse.  At first glance, her main man Joker is an absolutely impressive and MASSIVE creature.  To be clear, Joker is no trail horse either.  Watching her work mentally and physically with such a majestic being was impressive.  As unseasonal spring snow fell, I captured these images of Nina, Joker, and life in the quintessential mountain town of Truckee, CA.

The horse and human connection.  Joker and Nina.  Tuckee, CA

Cold snow spins through the air as Joker gets time in the outdoor arena.  Truckee, CA

Stable neighbors.  Truckee, CA

Icicles of spring dangle ever so delicately from a horse trailer.  Truckee, CA

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