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Spring into Winter

Amidst some upcoming geographical moves (more on that in a few weeks) I had to squeeze in a final trip north to Tahoe.  With some time on my hands, I decided to make the drive along 395 a two day event.  Arriving in Lone Pine the first night had the Alabama Hills calling to me.  It had been years since I shot the mystical boulders and under a (nearly) full moon I had to head out and explore. 

Lone Pine Peak picking up every ounce of moonlight to be had.  Alabama Hills, CA

Moonscape much?  Incredible gullies and boulders in the Alabama Hills just west of Lone Pine, CA

Two bikes, five ratchet straps, and one wagon.  Toiyabe National Forest, CA

With all the news surrounding California and it's incomprehensible level of drought, part of the trip was geared towards uncovering and photographing some of these keynote drought stricken scenes.  Instead of finding reservoirs bearing the scars of water receded, I found winter, or better it found me.  Suddenly April became what January should have been as spring snow flakes fell.  With the full moon having just passed two days prior, I knew there would be excellent opportunities to photograph the fresh snow.  With the moon beaming down from above, I captured several glistening images along the Truckee River. 

A sprinkling of bight stars can still be seen despite the moon sending almost all of its light down to earth.  Truckee, CA.

Low water along the Truckee River is offset by a dusting of spring snow. 

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