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RUMORS: New series preview

It's the summer and I'm getting busy in Detroit.  Since arriving in May I've resumed work on my Detroit project: RUMORS.  One of the reasons I packed my belongings and moved here was to continually document the changing landscapes (environmental and social) and create images worth talking about.  Since stepping foot here a year ago, the pace of change is rapidly increasing and often overwhelming.  One of the biggest things you can notice around the city is renovation.  Structures being returned to their former glory.  I've been infatuated by these transformations happening over much of the city and have been challenging myself to create compelling stories to accompany the developments.  Here is a preview of my next series featuring a city amidst accelerated renovation.

Capitol Park.  Downtown, Detroit.

All over the city facades are being peeled off, exposing the bones of buildings and giving views of rejuvenation.  Unlike witnessing a new structure tower towards the sky, seeing something classic being saved displays an entirely different event.  

Forest Arms.  Midtown, Detroit. 

If eyes are the windows to our soul, then windows are most certainly portals to a building's soul.  Often, the first telltale signs of neglect and abandonment are broken, boarded, or vacant windows.  When a renovation project gets underway, look no further than to the windows to view its progress, and to watch the building's soul come back to life. 

The El Moore, mid renovation.  Midtown, Detroit.

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