Photography By Chris Miele

CMP About

Capturing elusive dimensions while tapping into our imagination is the foundation of Chris Miele's work. Chris has expanded his vision beyond the boundaries of traditional landscape photography by merging classic training, technological understanding, and a dedication to the outdoors.  Bold, strikingly colorful, and often haunting, his scenes give us a glimpse of the Earth in it's most rare moments. Rivers transform into brush strokes, apparition like clouds streak through the sky, and night skies become interplanetary.  Chris's photographic vision blurs the lines of reality and challenges us to decide what is real.  His work has been collected by celebrities, shown in galleries, featured on TV shows, and hung by private collectors throughout the US.   

Chris is also the owner and instructor of Surreal Seeker Photography Workshops.  Offering nearly 20 yearly workshop dates throughout California and the Western US, Chris shares his photographic vision through hands-on immerse adventures.  If you've ever wanted to shoot gallery caliber images, Surreal Seeker Workshops can give you the skills needed.