Photography By Chris Miele

Photography Workshop FAQ

What Will I Learn?

The mission of Adventure School's photography workshops is to pass along our knowledge and field experience and prepare you for your own adventures.  We strive to assist you in creating amazing images, but we also make sure you are prepared to continually hone your craft after the workshop is done.  We teach the tech behind your camera, composing the story, and mastering the post processing.  We teach how to harness your creative eye and continually create better images.  We teach you how vital understanding the environment around you is and how to maximize it.  We shed light on what an amazing adventure nature photography can be.  Whether a beginner or a skilled lens-man, our workshops will give you a lasting creative experience.


Why is your course different?

- CLASS SIZE.  We limit our workshops to a class size of 5.  Each student receives plenty of 1 on 1 guidance, but is also given as much independence as they desire.  

- VISION.  Our creative outlook is geared towards creating gallery worthy images and we are built to give you the tools needed to achieve such.  From pre-shot conceptualizing, actual shooting, and all the way through post processing, we teach you how to create like you never thought possible. 

-  WORK ETHIC.  Our in-field work ethic is very driven and we are among the more fluid and mobile workshops.  Days can be long, but worth it.  We only set loose itineraries.  Shooting locations and schedules are ultimately made on the fly based on weather and light.  We shoot EVERY sunrise and sunset weather permitting.

-SEEKERS.  We don't wait for great images, we seek them out.  Successful images are made by uncovering the unseen and welcoming adventure.  We guarantee both. 

- CURATED ADVENTURE.  Most workshops will teach you plenty about your camera and its functions, but we pride ourselves on leading adventures that are truly memorable and unique, it's what we live for. 

- PRINTING.  In addition to in-field instruction and exhilarating adventures, we offer options to print your gallery worthy images after the workshop.  Utilizing our choice printing houses and preparation methods, we take the guess work out of printing your final images so you can proudly display your finished work.  

- AFTER WORKSHOP SUPPORT.  Looking for critiques weeks after your adventure?  No problem.  We love to continue the learning experience and encourage you to share your work and present us with questions.  Send us emails, we want to hear from you and SEE your workshop experience continually providing amazing images. 


What Will I Need?

  • DSLR Camera.
  • Tripod.
  • Standard zoom lens.  Rental lenses can be found at
  • Shutter release (wired or remote.)
  • 2-3 full charged batteries.
  • Plenty of memory cards.  We will be shooting full RAW.
  • Comfortable (preferably waterproof) boots or shoes.
  • Breathable layers, avoid cotton.  


What's Good To Have:

  • Wide angle lens, preferably faster than f4.0.  Rental lenses can be found at  
  • Telephoto lens.  Something between 120mm and 300 mm.  Rental lenses can be found at
  • Rental lenses can be sourced at
  • Polarizer filter, neutral density filters, graduated neutral density filters.
  • Laptop (with Adobe Lightroom installed.)
  • Hard drive for backing up images.


What Should I Expect?

Plan on being up early and out late.  This is how and when great photos are made.  We will be scouting and shooting from before sunrise till after sunset.  We shoot EVERY sunrise and sunset weather permitting.  Some workshops offer additional night sessions for those with enough energy.  Pack clothing that suits the locations.  Dress in layers and avoid cotton.  Participants should be able to hike (with full gear) 1-3 miles comfortably over the course of the day.  We love to explore overlooked vistas and secret nooks, so come prepared to adventure and explore.  Our days may be long, but your images will be worth it!  


Who can take a workshop?

Anyone with a DSLR, tripod, and a desire to explore!  Participants can be beginners looking to build a foundation, or advanced shooters honing their craft.  We prefer you have some experience with your gear, but it's not required.  Since our workshops are outdoors and take place among amazing terrain, we ask that you are ready to be on your feet much of the day.  While we will keep distances short when possible, it's not uncommon to hike 1-3 miles over the course of the day.


Is transportation provided?

We do not provide transportation.  Throughout the workshop will be traveling to many destinations and we always try to organize carpooling within the group. 


Are meals provided?

Although we will take many breaks, meals will not be provided.  We bring fresh fruit as snacks, but be prepared to provide your own meals.  


Is lodging provided?

No lodging is provided for single day or three day workshops.  We always try to offer suggestions regarding where to stay.  Longer multi-day workshops will usually include lodging in the price.  Please refer to each workshop for specifics.  For the those who like to camp, most workshops have camping options in the vicinity.  Nothing like a tent and a campfire!


What happens if the weather is bad?

Bring on the clouds!  Turbulent  weather is what often makes for the most spectacular photos, therefore we will proceed unless conditions become unsafe.  If a workshop has to be cancelled or postponed due to weather, your registration fee will be applied to another workshop of your choice.  


Are you Permitted?

We carry all necessary permits, are insured, and are First Aid and CPR certified.


What is your payment policy?

Payment for single day workshops is due at registration.  Multi-day workshops offer the option to pay a $200 deposit.  This deposit reserves your place in the workshop.  Some workshops offer a discounted "early bird" price if paid in full.  Reservations secured with a $200 deposit are not eligible for the early bird pricing and are subject to the full workshop price.  60 days before the workshop's start date the balance is due.  An invoice is sent 14 days prior to the due date reminding you of the balance due date.  Sign ups made less than 60 days prior to a workshop's start date are required to be paid in full upon registration. 


What is your cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for canceling a single day workshop.  If you cancel more than 60 days before a multi-day workshop, you will be refunded any fees less the $200 deposit.  If we can fill your spot, we will then refund your $200 deposit.  All refunds are subject to a 3% processing fee.  Up to 60 days before a workshop you can reschedule and apply your funds to a future workshop.  If you cancel less than 60 days before a workshop, there is no refund and funds are non transferable..  For photographers who are traveling for workshops, we recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover your costs in case of cancellation or withdrawal.


Low Registration

Our workshops require a minimum of 3 participants. In the case of low registration we reserve the right to cancel the workshop, in which case your registration will be TRANSFERRED (NOT REFUNDED) to another workshop of your choice.


Can a non-photographer friend or spouse attend the workshop?

Yes, but it will depend on the class size and location.  Please send an email to to inquire whether the desired workshop has additional room.