Photography By Chris Miele

SS creative philosophy

Surreal Seeker Philosophy

Surreal Seeker Workshops focus heavily on exploring and expanding your personal vision.
To achieve this we rely on a range of field tested techniques and practices.   

The Tech:

-  Learning your gear is important and we will make sure you understand how to best make use of your tools.  Manual camera settings including aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and other key functions are covered.  Shooting RAW, image workflow, using the histogram, and lens understanding and selection are covered.  

The Creative:  

- Philosophy:  We are here to share our creative philosophy with you in hopes to increase your creative output.  Throughout the class reminders will be given about how to keep your creativity flowing and ideas fresh.  Topics include the difference between capturing and creating, the importance of self editing, and the desire to always seek an adventure.  We love being outdoors and immortalizing natures's most surreal moments is the philosophy we will pass on to you.    

- Composition:  Our instruction will give you the foundation for powerful images that tell great stories.  Traditional composition techniques as well as rule breaking creative nuances will be covered.  We feel composition is the backbone of improving your images therefore we spend ample amounts of time helping you hone your artistic eye.

- Locations/ Scouting:  Throughout the classes we will discuss and practice location scouting skills.  In addition to studying locations ahead of time, excellent landscape photographs are often the result of keeping your locations fluid and reacting to changing environments.  Both topics are taught and practiced.  Once we chose locations, more in depth instruction is provided to really understand the place in which we are photographing.  These skills will be invaluable once you leave the classroom setting and continue on your own adventures.

- Timing/ Instincts:   Understand the timing of your surroundings and using your instincts to make decisions can be the difference between a decent photo and one worth hanging in a gallery.  Care will be taken during workshops to point out environment changes and their correlation to photography.  Our days will revolve around finding the best light at that given time and learning when to anticipate the spectactular moments that creating lifelong memories and corresponding photos.