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Chicago: Architecture Wonder Walk

The capital of the Midwest, the windy city, any form it's known by, Chicago is a city that I had never been to.  Travel plans never made the third largest US city a priority, but my new and closer proximity made visiting the sprawling metropolis a must.  With my sister in town and Erin itching to revisit her first adult home, we escaped Detroit for brighter lights and bigger buildings.  In fact, it was the buildings that had my attention the most.  As I've added architectural work to my quiver, almost everyone has told me that I MUST visit and shoot Chicago.  Well they were right.  In just a single afternoon walking through downtown and a few adjacent neighborhoods, I was inundated with profound angles, shapes, and reflections to focus my lens on.  It was an experience that has me excited to return sooner than later. 

This architect won the game.  I wanna hang with this dude.  Old Town, Chicago. 

One of the more intriguing facades along Michigan Ave.  Downtown, Chicago. 

Just a hint of moon to carry us into twilight.  Lincoln Park, Chicago

Just a hint of moon to carry us into twilight.  Lincoln Park, Chicago

Layers, they always get me.  Waterfront bike path, Chicago.

Tourist-ing, hard.  Downtown, Chicago. 

Downtown, Chicago. 

Navy Pier, Chicago.

When the Holiday Inn has amazing lines, you know it's a city that values design.  Downtown, Chicago. 

Mosaics.  Downtown, Chicago

It was a great day to wander.  Navy Pier, Chicago

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