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Perspectives: Not To Scale

We see you Channel Islands.  Los Angeles, CA.

Feeling small can be the best feeling.

Grand views, infinite horizons, and specks of humanity speak to the soul, and I love seeking them out.  There's something about standing on the edge of a cliff or at the bottom of a canyon that shrinks even the most massive of thoughts.  Swimming in the vastness of reality, both physically and mentally, can have a profound effect on humans.  Understanding we are but a blip on the universal radar can be hard to grasp, but it's an ever evolving theme in my work. 

California in its most rare form: LUSH.  Topanga, CA.

Warm up wander.  Page, AZ.

Sunset send offs.  Venice, CA.

Emptiness means different things to different people.  For some the solitude speaks serenity, for others it incites irrational instability.  While the psychology differs, the visual experience remains paramount for me.  Watching people from a distance interacting with the world slows down the pace of a reality that's often on hyper speed.  Subtleties become the sublime, moments linger monumentally, and life gains longevity.   

Careful foot placement is key.  Rincon Beach, CA.

Off the top.  Rincon Beach, CA.

Classic Queen of the caost view.  Rincon Beach, CA.

Translating scale determines how you translate reality. 

Often I hear people talking about how their photos don't represent "how it looked."  While this is often a valid and common problem among shutter snappers both seasoned and amateur, I've learned it's about representing HOW IT FELT.  That's the challenge, conveying grandeur, expansiveness, and infinity.  Understanding the relationship between where we stand and what we view, that's what effects how we interpret reality.  Exploring these thoughts through a lens cements the scale and thus the message; no matter how big you may feel, we're all but miniature marching ants. 

A break in the ascension.  Topanga, CA. 

Family smiles among the cacti.  Tuscon Mountain Park, AZ.

I prefer when the horizon looks more like a portal and less like a boundary.  Los Angeles, CA.

Mini tanker.  Los Angeles, CA.

Hill climb just in time.  Tucson Mountain Park, AZ.

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